The Alliance of  
Insurance & Financial Professionals, Inc.

The Alliance of Insurance and Financial Professionals, Inc. is a not for profit organization that currently provides association management services and representation to not for profit insurance and financial services trade associations. 
We are dedicated to ensuring that only the most competent, qualified and ethical insurance and financial service practitioners serve the public interest by providing guidance, information and advice to the consumer on issues that affect their financial security and protection. To better accomplish this objective, in addition to its traditional role of providing association management services to various producer trade associations in the industry, the organization has also embarked on its strategic mission of helping to establish a more informed consumer through outreach and education.
Our clients' members are continuing a 125 year tradition of upholding the highest ethics of their profession, and take pride in assisting their clients in making important financial decisions on issues ranging from asset management, growth of net worth, retirement and elder planning, life, health and disability insurance planning, Medicare, Medicaid, health and long term care, college funding and succession and legacy planning. 
The organization is a progressive and innovative provider of association management services that includes legislative advocacy, professional development and training, and state-mandated pre-licensing and continuing education programs. The Alliance also provides marketing, promotion and public relations support for industry professionals, and is actively involved in outreach programs with consumer groups, colleges and universities, the media and legislators. 




 The Alliance of Insurance & Financial Professionals, Inc.
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